Exercise & Stretch Guides

When you can't access massage therapy right away, you need relief at home. 

I have compiled a range of trigger ball exercises and stretches to help you relieve your muscle aches and pains from home. Browse through these photo and video guides to follow various self-massage and stretch techniques. From beginner to advanced, there is a 'how-to' for all abilities. The moves take a matter of minutes and help you to continue taking care of your body post-massage.

Exercises By Body Part

Browse through exercises and stretches specific to the body part you want to treat. There are tutorials and snippets of advice to relieve pain from the neck and shoulders down to the feet, all body parts are covered.

Exercises By Cause

Browse through exercises and stretches specific to the cause of your pain. The tutorials cover a variety of situations that affect the muscle, from office and computer work, anxiety and stress, exercise, manual labour and more...